In IMPAR we manufacture products that reflect the tenacity and effort of the Colombian people, offering innovative, as are cable and high strength dowel pin in Pet, we have an outstanding human capital, experience and growth that gives us fifteen years of work, developing products especially suiting their needs, adopting clear policies on social responsibility and national and imported materials, offering the highest quality.

Meeting the needs and expectations of our customers by providing reliability and safety. We produce Quality products for the fishing industry, craft, industrial and commercial.
Inroads into the international market through technical, human and committed to compliance with company policies and objectives relying on a quality management system to meet the challenges of globalization compelling us.
NYLON PP (Polypropylene) large variety of diameters and presentations, fishing, crafts and other uses.
Nylon cutter (mower) grass
NYLON sewing Thread
BINDING STRAPS polyester. (PET) for packaging high strength heavy metal hoop substitute.
Bands of polypropylene (PP) for packing light products substitute
CABLE POLYESTER (PET) Is galvanized wire substitute Uses: in agriculture greenhouses, fences, crops, ropes for hanging clothes, construction and others