Among our products highlights CABLE PET is a raw material or type of plastic derived from petroleum. PET (Poly Ethylene terephthalate) which is a monofilament polyester high tenacity in recent years found wide applications in agriculture such as vineyards, orchards, greenhouses, hedge of protection for open field crops, fruit trees, windows, and livestock facilities, among others, providing great benefits.
Then you can see some of them:

FIRMWARE: is a highly unchanged which is not altered against external agents, such as weather: temperature, humidity, impervious to organic agents, uv sun beams.

PERMANENCE: late Aging, it experiences changes under normal use, over 5 to 7 years of utilization

RRESISTANCE TO THE CORROSION: inalterable to the chemical compounds used in the treatments of the agriculture, insecticides, herbicides etc.

ECOLOGICAL: it does not damage the environment, is a recyclable material.

MECHANICAL RESISTANCE: good behaviors opposite to efforts. Permanent tension.

DIMENSIONAL STABILITY: it is not modified by the dampness and is stable before high changes of temperature.

REDUCTION OF TIME: during the installation and maintenance. IT GIVES GOOD RESULTS 6 TIMES OVER than the wire galvanized of the same diameter.

SIMPLE INSTALATION AND MAINTENANCE: durability between 5 – 6 years over galvanized wire same size diameter

INSULATING: good dialectical property, It does not produce sun Light beams unloads to land, therefore, protects human and animal (rude) being during eventual thunderstorms.

FIREPROOF: it is an extinguishable care agreement with the chemical formulation.

FLEXIBILITY: this property protects the animals, in case of hitting against, instead of hurting, it muffles the blow avoiding wounds and break of wired rods.